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Meet 'Britney'...sort of



This picture here is my favorite.

It's the same girl.

Taken from a talent show type deal thing.

Find this girl attractive? Think she looks like Britney Spears??

She's 19 -- just turned 19 actually; and I got these pictures off her blog-site.

Looks like a real sweet girl. Real fun.

She ain't perfect though.

She's a lot less cute without her makeup on.


Did I mention she's a guy?... Ya. Forgot to mention that part. -Dude in drag folks.

Scroll down to a look at what she looks like when she's not all done up:










Same Person Without

...................................Yes friends. That's right.

It's a guy....
A dude. A sausage. A male. A human being with penile reproductive organs.

Lots have e-mailed me asking if I made this up or am just making fun of a girl I don't like or something, but nope. It's all for real. Here's some more of our little princess:

I'd have you visit his Journal blog-site thing for comments, more pictures and a little information, but it got funktified (no longer available online - before the Fark link). He's got a new one up. I'll provide a link soon.

So far 4 radio stations and 2 TV show reps have asked me about the person on this page wanting to have him on their shows, so when I make this guy famous, you remember where you saw him first. If it was here that is...otherwise, forget it. I've gotten a few e-mails from people saying they've seen him before on other websites, but I'm still taking credit for his big break... dammit.

I think he's kinda cute even as a guy.

Wait, what?




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